DMCA takes the opportunity to announce it will respond to the allegations of copyright infringement in respect with the terms of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). DMCA provides a procedure for copyright owners to give notice to the service provider related to infringe content. Whenever a valid notification is received, the service provider must respond to it by taking down the subjected content.

For taking down content under directions from DMCA, Rmovies.In takes considerate steps to contact the owner of the touch to remove it to submit a counter notification report.

In case we receive a valid counter-notification, we restore the content that was being subjected to infringement, unless we get a notice from the notification provider that the opinion has been filed and awaiting court order to restrain the user from engaging in any infringement activity again.

Filing a Notification

If you want to submit information, you need to write a proper notification. You can achieve this by fax or any written letter. We don’t accept email unless previously said so. If you want the information to be considered, you need to make sure the following is included in the content!

  1. Identify all relevant details of the infringed content
  2. Note all the details of the in-world item you believe is infringed on your copyright. You need to offer us enough details including the location the item with its name, title, and URL
  3. With your submission, leave your contact details including your number and email address
  4. While writing the notice, you need to add a statement that says, you had food faith in the use of copyrighted materials mentioned before and contained on service that is not authorized by the copyright owner, agent or protection of law
  5. You also need to add a statement that says, I swear under penalty of perjury that all the details in Notice are correct and you are copyright owner, or you have the authority to act on behalf of owner of exclusive right that is infringed
  6. Sign the paper

Carefully revise the notice before you send it. Make sure you accompany all the necessary details mentioned above. We also take this opportunity to inform you that DMCA stats that you may be held responsible or damages if your claim is proved to be false. Therefore, double check all the details before submitting anything. We don’t mean to discourage you from reaching us, just a quick reminder.